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What's the differences between UV DTF printer and DTF printer?
2023-10-17 16:00:24
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UV DTF printer and DTF printer are very hot new printing machines these days. They adopt similar lamination printing and both transfer to the target object. They are rather simple, convenient, and easy to operate. Many companies have already started to use it as a small entry for starting a business.

UV DTF printer is more widely used than the traditional UV machine, and the previous traditional UV machine cannot print on the slope. The DTF machine first prints on the pet film instead of directly printing on the surface of the object. After the heat pressing is completed, printing on irregular slopes can be achieved, and our design pattern can be transferred to the object. But at present, DTF printers are mainly used in textile and leather printing.

Although the direct-to-film machine performs well in the printing of textiles and leather, the transfer effect on the target object is average. Therefore, the emergence of the UV DTF AB film printing machine was born later. This kind of printer can not only print on inclined surfaces and other unprintable places but also create high-quality patterns.


Both pet film DTF printer machines and UV DTF machines adopt the method of film coating first and then transfer printing, and transfer printing is also an essential process.


The DTF machine and UV DTF machine use different inks, as the name suggests, the DTF machine uses DTF ink and the other uses UV ink.

Although both UV DTF and UV machines need the transfer process, the DTF machine needs a special pressing machine, while the UV machine only needs to perform the lamination process. Afterward, simply press your fingers and peel off the film to complete the transfer.

DTF printing also needs to prepare additional special hot melt powder and heat press to help us transfer the design to the target object.

In addition, DTF t-shirt printers print better on textiles and leather. Although UV DTF printers are not good at printing better in the field of DTF machines. They can also print on textiles. But the printing effect is not as good as that of pet film DTF printer machines.

Application of DTF printing

DTF application: T-shirts, bags, leather shoes, dolls, and other textiles and leather printing.

Application of UV DTF printing

Home decoration: customization of glass sliding doors, customization of wardrobes, patterns of tiles and glass.

Advertising: some logos, posters, signs, bottle printing, etc.

Other customized products: leather printing, customization of mobile phone cases, and patterns on metal and glass.

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What's the differences between UV DTF printer and DTF printer?
UV DTF printer and DTF printer are very hot new printing machines these days. They adopt similar lamination printing and both transfer to the target object.
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